Christina - 23 - female - marine biology - future scientific illustrator - USA
(you can call me chris or cocco whatevs)

I tend to post/reblog whatever tickles my fancy, science, video games (mostly assassin's creed), art, nature, fashion, adventure time, with the occasional hetalia or random ass posts/reblogs here or there. I also have a chronic, incurable case of the seafeels so expect a lot of ocean related stuff.
Please enjoy your stay ^u^

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im pretty sure if i were to somehow gain godly powers i’d probably be a trickster god of some sort.  

its mainly b/c ever since i was little kid i always pestered others (mostly my sister) with little pokes or scared the shit out people by jumping out of random places, and it was just something i always did, like it was an instinct. i do that sort of stuff less now b/c its not really age appropriate, but i found that jokingly nit-picking people’s statements kinda has better (less physical) reaction. so yeah, i definitely see this escalating to god of mischief status.